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At Transcending Homes, we offer professional staging, design , re-design and remodeling services. Whether you are a Homeowner, Realtor, Investor or Builder, we've got a solution for you! If you are interested in a service not listed, feel free to contact us at (469) 396-3978 to see if we can help.

Color Consultation

Choosing the right paint colors is one of the most effective ways to update a space but can be incredibly overwhelming and frustrating for many homeowners. Paint colors have the ability to set the mood in your home so it's important to really think about how you want each space to feel. During our consultation, we will address the mood you wish to convey or which colors appeal to the masses (if selling), take into account the lighting in each space as well as the flow from room to room, determine paint finish and make recommendations for any accent walls or ceilings.  We will also make recommendations for painting cabinets or wood paneling if needed.